Combination number 1 is first introduced as part of a 5th Kyu grading. Combinations are performed by count (shown below) and all the way through (i.e. 1 count all 5 moves).

From basic stance (Zenkutau Dachi):

  1. Step forward into basic stance (Zenkutau Dachi) and perform front punch to the head (Junzuki Jodan)
  2. Reverse punch to the body (Gyakutzuki Chudan)
  3. Outer block (Soto Uke)
  4. Reverse punch to the body (Gyakutzuki Chudan)
  5. Lower block (Gedan Bari)

Things to remember:

Combination Owen Jones (3rd Dan), Count Chris Lewis (6th Dan). Filmed by John O’Brien (1st Dan).