Combinations are a set sequence of moves which make up part of the basic stance (Zenkutau Dachi) line work used during training and gradings (5th Kyu onwards).

Most basic stance line work involves only 1 or 2 moves (e.g. Front Punch or Inner Block, Reverse Punch) by contrast combinations contain between 5 and 9 moves. Although all combinations start and finish in basic stance some also include techniques in other stances such as back stance (No Kokutsu Dachi), sumo stance (Shiko Dachi) and cat stance (Neko Ashi).

As combinations demand that students string together techniques and move from one stance to another they help work on balance and coordination as well as form. Combinations can be thought of as a short Kata performed in a single direction (always moving forwards) and they are a good warm-up for further Kata practice.

There are 4 combinations in Stour Karate’s syllabus.