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Once you decide to become a Club Member (after training for 2-4 weeks) you will need a Karate suit (gi), a pair of club sparring mitts and a gum shield, all of which can be purchased from Stour Karate at very competitive prices.

The following items are required shortly after a student becomes a Club Member:

Standard student gi

A lightweight white student gi. Sizes are based on a student’s height. £22 for junior sizes up to size 150cm and £25 for adult sizes from 160cm.

Students need a gi for their 1st grading.

Club sparring mitts

White elastic mitts suitable for sparring within club classes. £8 a pair

Should be purchased as soon as possible. Alternatively some students choose to buy a pair of the WKF competition mitts instead.

Gum shield

There are several types of gum shield available which can be moulded at home. £2 for a basic gum shield. Prices for other gum shields, including those suitable for use with braces, are available on request.  

Alternatively, custom made gum shields are available from your dentist. These probably offer the best balance between comfort and protection, but can be expensive.

At least a basic gum shield is recommended for all students. A gum shield is mandatory for all competitions, courses and for all juniors sparring during club classes.

Students wishing to enter Kumite competitions will need the full set of World Karate Federation (WKF) competition kit.

The requirements for WKF competition kit can change, and the equipment is more expensive than that required for club sparring. It is recommended that students only start buying these items when they’re sure they want to enter a Kumite competition.  

WKF competition mitts (blue/red)

These are the only mitts acceptable in competition. Competitors require a pair of each colour. £15 per pair.

Although only required when entering competitions, these mitts offer superior protection in comparison to the club sparring mitts, and a single pair is a recommended future purchase.

WKF competition shin/instep (blue/red)

These are the only shin and instep pads acceptable in competition. Competitors require a pair of each colour. £33.00 per pair.

Competition belts (blue/red)

Kumite competitors require a pair of plain red and blue belts. £6 per pair.

WKF competition face mask (juniors)


Only required by junior competitors.

WKF body protection


Now mandatory for all competitors.

Ordering Equipment

Place your orders for equipment with a Stour Karate instructor during classes, or by contacting Owen Jones:

e: owen@stourkarate.co.uk

t: 07879 817144

Stour Karate can source a wide range of martial arts equipment. Please contact us if there is anything else you wish to purchase.

Students may wish to consider purchasing the following items once they have been training for a while:

Club sparring shin pads

White elastic shin and instep pads suitable for sparring within club classes. £12 a pair

Not required to start sparring within the club, but should be purchased once a student is flexible enough to perform head kicks.

Male groin guard


Groin guards are optional for all male students.The groin is not a valid scoring area, however accidents can happen!  

Female chest protector


The chest is a valid scoring area, and although all techniques should be controlled, female students may feel more comfortable wearing a chest protector when sparring within the club. A chest protector is mandatory for female students entering Kumite competitions.